The Colmar brand is specialized in the manufacturing of skiwear and mountain clothing such as ski jackets, ski pants, down jackets and even fleeces. Since 1923 and for men, women and children, Colmar Sport clothing has not ceased to accompany professional and amateur skiers of all generations. Founded in Italy, the name of the brand is taken from an acronym of its founder’s name: Mario Colombo. While in 1947, the brand began to equip FISI (Italian Winter Sports Federation) athletes, Colmar experienced considerable growth thanks to its ski champions who shone at the Olympic Games, like Zeno, who in 1952 wore the first aerodynamic ski suit. Today, Colmar has not stopped creating quality clothing by equipping the French Ski Federation and separates its brand into two entities: Colmar Sport and Colmar Originals. When the first specializes in freeride skiing and ski racing, Colmar Originals keeps the vintage and fashion DNA of Colmar products from yesteryear, in order to combine style and performance all winter, in town and on the slopes!

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