The first Dupraz snowboards came out of Serge Dupraz’ workshop in France in 1984. Influenced by Surfing, Serge started to learn how to shape a board in Hawaii to finally create “Hot Windsurfboard” near Lake Geneva. Shortly afterwards, Dupraz launches his first “Hot Snowboards” in Thonon with only two models: the Mid & the Expert all handcrafted by himself. Over the years Serge Dupraz innovated a lot by introducing new bindings, but also by creating one of the most powerful snowboards of all time: the Dupraz D1. Reference among All-Mountain and Freeride snowboards, the D1 is a symbol as it is still really appreciated by many snowboarders all around the world. Today Dupraz’ philosophy is based on the manufacturing of “glisse machines” that give prominence to feelings and sensations through a wide range of skis and snowboards for all. And as Serge Dupraz likes to remind it: “our challenge is to bring you more fun, more pleasure... Yours will be to remember how was the ride before!”

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