Lagoped is a French brand that creates mountain jackets and pants for activities such as skiing, mountaineering or hiking. Made in Europe from 100% recycled polyester, Lagoped produces jackets, pants and sportswear inspired by nature. Among the collection, we find mountain pants and jackets that are highly waterproof, breathable and windproof thanks to an innovative 2 and 3 layers construction. Inspired by the Ptarmigan (“Lagopède” in French), this bird living in the mountains and that adapted to climate change by changing the color of its feathers every season, the Lagoped brand’s creators committed on the path of local production by protecting natural resources and by bringing transparency to the manufacturing process. Also, thanks to their #WeWearWeCare commitment charter, Lagoped teams committed to respect the environment by using no harmful chemicals in the making of their products. Encouraging people to take care of their clothes so as to guarantee the greatest lifetime, Lagoped also offers the possibility to repair your technical clothing in case you damage it !

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