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Picture Organic is one of the most innovative brand today !

At Montaz we have supported Picture since day one ! We trusted Julien when he came to our shop with his first Picture ski jacket :-) Today we propose the widest choice of Picture Organic on the web ! A dedicated corner in our Chambéry/La Ravoire shop shows the all collection. The new collection offers a wide choice of colours and styles. The ski jackets and helmets ranges are insane. The Street range continues to improve with a beautiful women sportswear and men sportswear collection and fashion accessories, offering you an unique style, the Picture style !

Abit of history...

Since 2008, Picture not only seduces skiers and snowboarders, but also skaters and surfers wich find in their passion, riding values and passion for nature in the brand. These are the Picture values.

Brand beginnings

Created by long time friends in 2008, Picture Organic is at first a great friend story between Jeremy, acrhitect in eco-design, Julien marketer, and Vincent accountant.

Together, they decided to launch their own brand of their dreams.

Their common values of ecology and innovation make it natural for them to turn to an innovative concept in favour of the environment. Under Jeremy's influence, they decided to launch a technical clothing brand associated with the urban universe of Skate and the mountain universe. Picture Organic Clothing was born. Find the range of ski pants and trousers, sweatshirt, jacket and all the winter accessories: ski helmets, socks, ski gloves, backpack, luggage and hosiery.

And for your summer purchases, let yourself be seduced by the women's swimsuits and boardshorts as well as summer shoes.

Innovation and development

Facing the big competitors, Picture Organic has no other choice than playing the innovation card. Created in the heart of Auvergne, the brand then discovered a technology with remarkable virtues: the organic ceramic membrane. And it is mainly this discovery that will give wings to the brand. Indeed, organic ceramic clothes have the advantage of combining thermoregulation processes and improved recovery, in other words, the ideal recipe for any technical textile.

In 2011, the brand is doing well by launching a true eco-concept. From now on, all the linings of Picture organic clothing jackets are made from recovered fabrics. Rolls and scraps of fabric no longer have to worry, Picture takes care of finding a place for them in the patchwork that represents the inside of the jackets. Eco responsible and with a unique design, Picture clothes have understood everything.

Based mainly in France, Picture Organic's production units are expanding and now also exist abroad, particularly in Asia. Not for reasons of labour costs, but mainly for reasons of technological know-how in the recycling of textile waste. Within two years, Picture Organic jackets, T-shirts, and all the brand's other clothing will be 100% recycled.

A brand with innovative and responsible values

After only six years of existence, Picture Organic Clothing has proven to be a viable company with a unique concept. The brand innovates, integrates technologies such as Bio Ceramic and favours recycled materials. By promoting its simple values, such as respect for the environment, sharing and innovation, Picture has been able to seduce consumers.

Now recognized as a responsible brand in its own right, Picture Organic Clothing is now represented throughout Europe.

In 2017, Picture-Organic innovates again by launching its new NaturalPrene Strech Technology suits thanks to a manufacturing process that consists in injecting micro-particles allowing the suit to stretch up to 4 times its size and offer optimal elasticity.

As neoprene suits are environmentally unfriendly products (oil and solvent), Picture-Organic offers the first 100% natural suits composed of 85% natural rubber from a Hevea plantation in Malaysia and 15% synthetic rubber without chlorinated substances. And to laminate the polyester lining a solvent-free water-based glue is used.

Surfing, wakeboarding, kitesurfing or other water sports enthusiasts, you are finally able to practice your passion while respecting the environment !

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