Nowadays, Salomon is a reference when it comes to alpine skis, ski boots and ski bindings. Innovating since its debut, Salomon launches in 1957 the first “le lift” ski bindings, replacing the traditional leather binding straps. By the end of the seventies, Salomon became leader on the ski bindings market thanks to the creation of the first bindings with a self-release heelpiece allowing the brand to attend the 1966 Olympics in Portillo, Chile.

“What fascinates me about life is what I'm going to do tomorrow.” Backed by this motto, Georges Salomon was not mistaken when he created a small workshop for ski edges and wood saws in Annecy in 1947. After the boom of alpine skiing, Salomon expanded its activities and offered more and more products, investing in cross-country skiing, then in all mountain sports and leisure. Like Kilian Jornet, of whom the brand is a partner, Salomon is an undeniable solid value, funded on performance and technicality. With a very large catalog: ski goggles, gloves, poles, helmets, ski boots, but also hiking, trail, and gear of all kinds... Well, variety and quality!

Even for kids, find the whole range you need: ski jackets, ski helmets and equipment for children. With Salomon, find a whole range of equipment dedicated to alpine skiing! All you need to have fun and experience the best sensations on the slopes: ski, hiking, snowboarding accessories, sportswear accessories. Find all women's alpine skiing with Salomon!

And for your hiking trips, the brand also offers mountain shoes, hiking shoes, backpacks and running accessories.

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